Ratification of the Trans-Pacific Partnership: The battle has just begun

Judging from the time frames of past trade deals, agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) involving 12 nations are bound to be a lengthy process. Negotiations over the agreement were completed in November, 2015 and the TPP member countries will formally sign the agreement on February 4th, 2016 in New Zealand. However, signing does not

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West coast trade corridor shows big benefits of smart infrastructure spending

Canada’s finance minister is busy preparing his first budget in the face of low oil and commodity prices and a free-falling loonie. The prime minister is considering an injection of $1 billion in infrastructure spending in Alberta and Saskatchewan alone, and hasn’t ruled out spending even more than the $5 billion for infrastructure his election platform

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Aboriginal consultation at the heart of restoring trust in regulators, B.C. case shows

Canada’s regulatory system is a mess. And it just got messier. The politically charged national debate on pipelines and a recent B.C. Supreme Court decision are adding to the confusion. In the case, the Court ruled that the B.C. government did not uphold its duty to consult the Gitga’at and neighbouring First Nations on the

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Economic ‘rebalancing’ sets us up for more pain

Canada has come a long way since the dark days of the 1970s when regional divisions and jurisdictional squabbles threatened to pull us apart. It’s disappointing, then, to see remnants of those centrist attitudes re-emerge as the West (and our easternmost province, as well) face an economic tsunami triggered by the collapse of energy prices.

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Airlines square for a fare fight

There’s nothing like a little western-based competition to help bring out the competitive spirit in other western businesses. Calgary-based WestJet signalled Thursday that it will use low air fares to compete with upstart discount airline NewLeaf, which is based in Winnipeg. This new airline announced recently that it would launch a no-frills discount air service

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Good riddance, 2015

It’s hard not to say “good riddance” rather than “goodbye” to a year like 2015. There were good moments, for sure, but plenty more reasons to make us happy to start afresh in 2016. Paris figured largely in the world psyche in more ways than expected. The Paris climate spectacular was expected; the tragic murder

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