Being on the ground helps us see Kitimat through new eyes

Sitting at the head of the Douglas Channel near the north coast of B.C., Kitimat is a community with gorgeous views, plenty of wildlife and many stories to tell about its industrial roots. Policy analyst Shafak Sajid and communications manager Jamie Gradon recently spent several days in the area doing fieldwork for an upcoming research

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Up-close inspection reveals dome’s restoration story

Where, you might ask, has all that copper that we used to make pennies out of gone to? In turns out that a lot of it is in Regina, on top of the newly renovated dome of the legislative building. In fact, approximately 13,000 kilograms of new copper was used to reclad the roof of

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Standing with Fort McMurray amid wildfire devastation

A helicopter carries fire retardant to a wildfire burning in a Fort McMurray neighbourhood on Wednesday, May 4, 2016. (photograph by Chris Schwarz/Government of Alberta) As the Fort McMurray wildfire rages and fire risk remains high to extreme across much of the West, the many stories of people stepping up to help the evacuees are

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Video | Alberta’s new climate plan, explained

On January 27, 2016, the Canada West Foundation, with Canadians for Clean Prosperity and Bennett Jones LLP, convened four expert panelists to dive deep into Alberta’s new climate plan. The speakers, including Andrew Leach, the chair of the province’s climate advisory panel, also faced questions from the audience about how Alberta can improve its environmental credibility

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Bold ideas in the air as Trudeau heads to Washington

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is headed to Washington, D.C. this week to meet with President Barack Obama. Carlo Dade, Director of the Centre for Trade & Investment Policy, offers three reasons why this visit is different. 1) Pent up demand There has been a sense that the bi-lateral relationship, and the larger NAFTA/North American project,

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The Confederation bargain explained (again)

Here are excerpts from a speech given by a western Canadian premier in Halifax on Oct. 25, 1976 – nearly four decades ago. The observations on the four western provinces are strikingly contemporary. Can you guess who the speaker is? (Hint: We reveal the answer at the end of this insert.) The four western provinces

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