Video | Alberta’s new climate plan, explained

On January 27, 2016, the Canada West Foundation, with Canadians for Clean Prosperity and Bennett Jones LLP, convened four expert panelists to dive deep into Alberta’s new climate plan. The speakers, including Andrew Leach, the chair of the province’s climate advisory panel, also faced questions from the audience about how Alberta can improve its environmental credibility

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Bold ideas in the air as Trudeau heads to Washington

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is headed to Washington, D.C. this week to meet with President Barack Obama. Carlo Dade, Director of the Centre for Trade & Investment Policy, offers three reasons why this visit is different. 1) Pent up demand There has been a sense that the bi-lateral relationship, and the larger NAFTA/North American project,

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The Confederation bargain explained (again)

Here are excerpts from a speech given by a western Canadian premier in Halifax on Oct. 25, 1976 – nearly four decades ago. The observations on the four western provinces are strikingly contemporary. Can you guess who the speaker is? (Hint: We reveal the answer at the end of this insert.) The four western provinces

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Prairie premiers face common threat

In Paris for the UN Climate Conference, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced, to much fanfare, that Canada is back. Indeed, the Trudeau government reaffirmed Canada’s aggressive climate targets (30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030) while intimating that Canada will do more. To meet the 2030 target, Canada will have to reduce its greenhouse

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Trust in public institutions means meeting promises

Trust in public institutions is the cornerstone of effective governance in any country. In Canada, that cornerstone appears to be eroding. In 2015, fewer Canadians trusted their government (less than 50%) than Russians (54%), Indians (82%) and Indonesians (72%). Source: 2015 Trust Barometer, Edelman What? Russians, Indonesians and Indians trust their government more than Canadians

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The next job shift promises real disruption

The job situation in Alberta is at its worst in decades. Alberta’s unemployment rate is now higher than the national average (7.4 per cent compared to 7.2 per cent) and 70,000 full-time jobs were lost last year.  Word on the street is that some of those jobs are never coming back. Just when we thought

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