Celebrating Mike Cleland, the 2015 Canadian Energy Person of the Year

On November 25, the Energy Council of Canada awarded former Foundation researcher Michael Cleland as the 2015 Canadian Energy Person of the Year. The award pays tribute to a Canadian energy leader who has made a significant impact at the national and international levels with the energy sector. During his time with the Foundation as

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Alberta’s good-faith gesture needs support

The Government of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan makes Alberta a climate policy leader virtually overnight – both in Canada and globally. By now, the architecture of the plan is well-known. It includes: • an economywide price of $30/ tonne on GHG emissions (covering 78-90 per cent of Alberta’s economy); • an expedited phase-out of coal-fired

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How the TPP will transform Canada’s economy and its workforce

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement has far reaching implications for Canada’s economy and its workforce. Carlo Dade, Director of the Centre for Trade & Investment Policy, and Janet Lane, Director of the Centre for Human Capital Policy, debate some of the big issues in the complex agreement.   CD: The Trans Pacific Partnership trade

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The smarter way to fight terrorism at home

On Nov. 27, 2005, Mubin Shaikh met in Toronto with members of a terrorist group. The group was establishing a terrorist training camp in a wooded area near Orillia and asked if Shaikh would join them and teach them what he had learned in his military and martial arts training. What they did not know

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Is corporate support for schools really a bad thing?

Academic freedom is a hot issue on university campuses. The University of Calgary found itself in the media recently when allegations were made that its freedom was compromised by corporate sponsorship of a research centre. Several academics contacted for a news story by CBC Calgary claimed Enbridge had too much control over the mandate and

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Halloween by the numbers

Across the country, Canadians are gearing up for Halloween, preparing to dress up as Elsa from Frozen, a  good old vampire, doing their best pizza rat — or just staying home and eating candy. We decided to pull together some Halloween numbers. You might find the numbers surprising (or even a little spooky). The Retail

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