Fun’s Over: Getting ready for Inauguration and a new U.S. administration

Less than two weeks until the U.S. election means less than three months until a new president is sworn in and a new administration is born. With Hillary Clinton well ahead in the polls, it is time to move past the schadenfreude of Trump sound bites and begin to prepare for what comes next. So,

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Ecofiscal panel: When are subsidies win-win for the environment and the economy?

Via the Ecofiscal Commission: On October 4th, the Ecofiscal Commission released its latest report, Course Correction: It’s Time to Rethink Canadian Biofuel Policies. The report finds that biofuel policies reduce GHG emissions but at a very high cost. It therefore recommends that the federal and provincial production subsidies for biofuels be terminated, as initially planned.

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The exciting future for Canada’s next generation innovators

The SHAD program opened my mind to new ideas about the role of business in society. That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to work on a project that involved renewing my connections with SHAD, through an internship this summer at the Canada West Foundation’s Centre for Human Capital Policy. Today, the Canada West Foundation

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New generation of debt-laden farmers must learn lessons from the past

As a part of the Canada West Foundation’s series on debt in agriculture, we asked the farming community to provide its thoughts on the growing level of debt in the industry. This is a guest blog submitted in response to our call for comments and represents the views of the writer. You can read our survey results

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A message from Martha Hall Findlay

I am pleased and excited to be taking the helm of the Canada West Foundation. It will not be easy to follow in the footsteps of past CEOs, most recently Dylan Jones, but I will do my best. There is a great team in place, a diverse and dedicated board of directors leading the way,

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Dispute between Canada and China puts the squeeze on western canola exports

A dispute coming to a head between China and Canada is threatening to put the western provinces’ $2.6 billion canola export industry through the wringer just as harvest starts to come in. After years of unsuccessful negotiations between China and Canada, western canola exporters face the possible loss of their second largest export market after

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