Currents: Survey results – Will debt crush the family farm?

“The industry will die if people cannot afford it.” “Good operators will and should take good calculated risks on debt.” “Once interest rates start to climb, we’re in big trouble.” As a part of our series on debt in agriculture, we asked the farming community to provide its thoughts on the growing level of debt

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Currents: Will debt crush the family farm – Share your story #AgDebt

Are you facing a mountain of farm debt? Are you leaving farm debt behind to the next generation? How do you feel about the future? We want to know what you think. Take our short survey, share your comments on Twitter using #AgDebt, or send your thoughts to *protected email* and we’ll share the results in an

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Currents: Soaring debt load plagues western farmers

Talk to any farmer in the West, and chances are you’ll soon hear about farms being bought, sold, and bundled up into consolidated land. In the last 20 years, there has been a significant drop in the number of farms in each western province, while the amount of land being used has stayed relatively stable. The

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