CALGARY, AB – The United States’ exit from the Trans-Pacific Partnership supposedly killed the deal. But the remaining countries, including Canada, are heading to a summit March 14-15, along with China and Korea, to discuss the future of the deal, and Asia Pacific trade. The Canada West Foundation has been following the TPP since it’s inception; Carlo Dade, Director of the Trade & Investment Centre, is available to comment on the Vina del Mar, Chile summit, and Canada’s role, including:
• Why Canada could emerge as a big winner in a new “TPP11” deal – and why the U.S. could wind up a loser.
• What makes or breaks the discussions. The TPP as it stands is technically dead and moving ahead with a renewed deal without the U.S. will not be easy, but it is possible, and worthwhile, particularly for Canada.
• What this means for renegotiating NAFTA.

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