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An Extraordinary West

In 2010, the Canada West Foundation embarked on a project that asked western Canadian community leaders for their visions of the future of the region.Spearheaded by Executive-in-Residence Sheila O’Brien and Senior Policy Analyst Shawna Stirrett, this forward-looking initiative began by asking 50 western Canadian community leaders the following question: What do we have to do to ensure that western Canada remains a great place to live in the 21st century? The results of these truly insightful conversations provided a timely and provocative vision for the region’s future and have culminated in a book, which was launched in  2010. The book, entitled An Extraordinary West: A Narrative Exploration of Western Canada's Future, was released on November 18, 2010.

The second publication, Catching a Rising Tide: An Energy Vision for Canada, was published the following year and highlighted a number of key leverage points to enable us to move from our current reality toward the vision for energy inspired by the participants. This book had sections devoted to supply and demand, sustainable and responsible energy and transforming energy prosperity to benefit all of Canada.

The first book provided an overall vision for the region, and the second focused on one of our largest resources, but once people’s basic needs are met, there are still elements that enhance the quality of life in a place. The third and final publication, A Place to Call Home: Building Community, Inspiration and Creativity in Western Canada, was published on December 13, 2012. A Place to Call Home presents an inspiring vision on how to make western Canada a true home for those that live here, rather than just a nice house.

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