6th Annual National Forum on Chinese Investment in Canada

May 6, 2016
*This conference is by invitation-only. If you wish to obtain more information please contact: 

A notable slowdown in China’s economy and high volatility in China’s stock markets sent shockwaves around the world and dominated global business headlines in 2015 and the beginning of 2016. These events shake international business confidence, weakened commodity prices and shifted the global economic outlook. In the meantime, however, China’s role as a driving force in the world economy has never been more evident, in some measure due to shifting patterns of Chinese overseas investment. The new Canadian Government has identified China as a top foreign policy priority.

On May 6, 2016 the China Institute of the University of Alberta will, through the sixth installment of the National Forum on Chinese Investment in Canada: Economic Realities and Public Policy Dimensions,bring together industry, senior government and Chinese academic leaders to focus on policy discussions of Chinese investment and China’s new economic realities. This high-level all-day event will take place in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This invitation-only forum will feature speakers who are deeply knowledgeable regarding the Chinese economy, and Chinese investment, both in Canada and globally.

The Forum this year will focus on four specific themes that address some of the complexities and uncertainties:
• China’s Economic Realities: Hard Landing or Structural Adjustment?
• The Emerging Shape of Risks and Opportunities for Canada
• China as a Global Investor: Evolving Trends
• Public Perceptions and Regional Perspectives