A Message from Oryssia Lennie and the CWF Board of Directors

We wish to announce that Martha Hall Findlay will be leaving the Canada West Foundation at the end of December to pursue another opportunity as Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer at Suncor. In the meantime, particularly given the current challenges facing the West and the country as a whole, Martha and the whole Canada West Foundation team are in full swing doing the non-partisan, evidence-based, high quality work the CWF is known for – thorough research, insightful analysis, and strong and practical policy recommendations to key decision-makers on the pressing issues facing the West, and Canada as a whole.

Martha has provided dynamic leadership at the Canada West Foundation, and in doing so ensured that issues of great importance to the West and all of Canada have captured the attention of decision-makers across the country at a time when that perspective is needed more than ever. During her time at CWF her focus on quality, non-partisan analysis and practical solutions made her one of Canada’s leading public policy voices on critical western and Canadian issues. This, all while bringing out the best in the entire CWF team and inspiring a new generation of thought leaders. Martha will be missed immensely.” – Oryssia Lennie, Chair, Board of Directors, Canada West Foundation

I will be sad to leave the CWF family – the exciting, smart, thoughtful, wonderful team of people that I have been lucky to have been a part of. I am, however, excited for the future of CWF in their capable hands and with whoever becomes the next CEO. This is a particularly challenging but fascinating time for Canada’s West and its place in Canada – indeed, echoing some of what prompted the formation of the CWF almost 50 years ago. Now, as it was then, the CWF is – and will continue to be – a key voice in the drive for policies that are important for the West AND for Canada. I am so proud to have been a part of this team and this important work.” – Martha Hall Findlay, President and CEO, Canada West Foundation

Martha joined CWF as President and CEO in September 2016. Under her leadership, CWF has grown in prominence across the West and all of Canada, known for its thoughtful, evidence-based approach to difficult policy issues – and ability to provide credible, practical solutions that truly make a difference. Its work is sought-out by Premiers, federal and provincial Ministers and their staff, Senators, the media, Consuls general and leaders across all industry sectors as well as members of the public.

CWF’s Natural Resources Centre, led by Director Marla Orenstein, has done and continues to do critical work on Bill C-69 and Bill C-48; removing regulatory barriers to energy innovation; what works and doesn’t on carbon and climate policies, Canada’s new Clean Fuel Standard, and validating environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance in Canada’s oil sector.

CWF’s Trade & Investment Centre, led by Director Carlo Dade, continues to lead the way on how to capture trade opportunities in major new trade markets open to Canada in the Asia-Pacific; how to hold on to existing markets such as in the U.S; a realistic approach to build on existing ties and engage with China; building more and better strategic trade infrastructure; advantages for our producers in newly opened Japanese markets; and bold steps to finally make progress to reduce internal trade barriers across Canada.

CWF’s Human Capital Centre, led by Director Janet Lane, is doing transformative work on how a competency-based approach can connect more people with jobs and jobs with people; the true cost of poor skills in Canada’s workforce; and how to fix Canada’s literacy problem in a way that helps people AND the economy.

We’re really excited about these projects, which continue to be driven by the team of CWF experts doing them now.

Canada’s Confederation remains complicated, and we’re seeing signs of that everywhere these days. A credible, non-partisan voice for the West is critical, for Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C. – and for all of Canada. Our message is, “What is good for the West is good for Canada.” Clearly, there’s more work to do to ensure that message is heard loud and clear across the country; CWF is exceptionally well-placed to do so.

The search has already begun for another candidate to lead this outstanding team. Vice-President Colleen Collins will act as Interim CEO. As always, we at CWF remain grateful for your incredible support which allows us to have the impact that we do.

Oryssia Lennie
Canada West Foundation Board of Directors