Today, the Canada West Foundation released, The Skill Advantage: The 21st century challenge for Canada’s unions.

Report author Janet Lane, Director of the Human Capital Centre, discusses the report, its findings and what it means for how unions can create value in Canada.

The report shows how Canada can benefit if unions take better advantage of the competency approach. Over the next decade, Canada is spending billions of dollars to build new infrastructure. The investment is also an opportunity to develop the skills of the next generation of the Canadian construction workforce. Unions can add value by using a competency management approach to ensure their members can truly do the work they are dispatched to do.

The report follows the release earlier this month of Beyond the Rules: Moving Safety from compliance to competence, which tells the story of Waiward Steel, an Alberta company that transformed its workplace safety through a competency approach. Waiward had the support of its union as it put in place the changes.