Authors: Michael Holden and Casey Vander Ploeg

At the Intersection: The Case for Sustained and Strategic Public Infrastructure Investment, is based on over 200 studies and shows a strong link between public infrastructure investment and long-term economic growth. Currently, Canadian public and private infrastructure assets, which are used daily and enable our economy to function, are valued at $4 trillion.

At the Intersection proposes five recommendations to help grow the economy and maintain our quality of life:

  1. Sustained and strategic investments in Canada’s public infrastructure should be continued.
  2. Priority should be given to public infrastructure that enhances economic performance.
  3. Governments should encourage innovative approaches to the design of public infrastructure.
  4. Governments should not focus exclusively on new infrastructure and should give due consideration to renewing existing public infrastructure.
  5. Ongoing analysis and evaluation of recent public infrastructure investments should be conducted and the lessons applied to future investments.