At Canada West Foundation, we champion the responsible development of Western Canada’s natural resources to the benefit of the entire country. And we’re not shy about it. In the last few months alone, we’ve spoken out on tough topics like Bill C-69 impact assessment legislation, Bill C-48 tanker ban and the new Clean Fuel Standard climate policy – and we’ve made a real difference when it comes to good public policy for both the economy and environment, for the benefit of all Canadians.

We’re delighted that others are taking note, too.

CWF was recently named one of Canada’s Top 50 energy influencers, as a “prominent” source of information that “excels in its dissemination of policy ideas in the public sphere.” The recognition of CWF came from the Corporate Mapping project – a database which received millions in federal funding and was put together by a group that includes Canadian universities. Although we find the mapping project’s motives questionable – they are attempting to name and shame organizations for contributing to the success of the hydrocarbon industry, without acknowledging the fact that Canadian hydrocarbon development has successfully become more green, increasingly supported Indigenous economic success and reduced its GHG footprint – we can’t help but find the designation somewhat flattering.

At CWF, we work really hard – through op-eds that run in cities across the West and nationally; presentations to groups like the Canadian Wind Energy Association, Senate committees and Indigenous energy conferences; policy briefs, reports, and a robust social media presence – to make our voice heard on issues that matter for the West and all of Canada. When it comes to making meaningful change based on facts and evidence – we are fearless.

As a donor-supported non-profit, we’re incredibly proud to do the work that we do with a lean team and on a modest budget. Because we rely on donations, we also believe that transparency is incredibly important; it’s at the heart of our credibility. We believe that we are at our best when we are funded by a variety of sources: governments, corporations, individuals, and foundations all play a role. We acknowledge our supporters as a matter of course, and are proud to do so. Our Board of Directors is composed of a smart and distinguished group of individuals whose careers span energy, transportation, journalism, finance, public service and more – we are also proud to acknowledge them and the governance role that they play at CWF.

Close to 50 years ago, the Canada West Foundation got its start with the belief that a strong West makes for a strong Canada. Today, after a lot of hard work – and exceptional support – we’ve grown into one of the most powerful players in Canada’s energy industry. We’re proud of that – and as a CWF supporter, we hope you are too.

Thank you for your continued support that has helped amplify our reach and influence.

– The Canada West Foundation team