Author: Dr. Roger Gibbins

Climate change is a global challenge that requires a proactive and creative public policy response by all Canadians. Changing the way we produce and consume energy are critical elements of this response. As a major source of energy resources, western Canada has the opportunity to be the world leader in this area of climate change policy.

The Getting it Right Project, of which this report is a part, will bring together stakeholders from western Canada’s energy sector to craft a national energy policy strategy for curbing climate change. While both the supply side and the demand side of energy must be addressed, the Getting it Right Project is focused on the supply side (i.e., what the energy sector can do to address climate change rather than what the users of energy can do) and on the role that public policy can play.

There are many ways to address climate change—the Getting it Right Project is seeking policy options that are principled, regionally balanced, economically viable, and effective over time. By providing a neutral forum in which western Canada’s energy sector can map out a plan for curbing climate change, the Getting it Right Project will provide a clear and positive signal within the noise that characterizes the current climate change debate.

Funding for the Getting it Right Project has been provided by the Max Bell Foundation. The Canada West Foundation expresses its sincere appreciation for this generous support.

For more information about the Getting it Right Project, please contact Kari Roberts, Senior Policy Analyst ().