Author: Michael Cleland

Let’s Talk Energy: A Continuing Dialogue is the ninth and final article in the Let’s Talk Energy series, which used an interactive forum-based website to inform the discussion of whether Canada needs an energy strategy, and if so, why and what ideas should inform such a strategy. In this article, Michael Cleland reflects on the changes that have taken place during the series and looks to what we can expect going forward.

Let’s Talk Energy was an initiative under the Powering Up for the Future project by the Canada West Foundation. Phase One consisted of a series of short articles that will be posted weekly, beginning February 15, 2011, authored by Nexen Executive-in-Residence, Michael Cleland. Each article proposed a set of ideas to help shape a Canadian energy strategy. Phase Two featured articles written by contributors from the energy industry to further explore challenges and ideas to inform a Canadian energy strategy.

The purpose of the project was to contribute to debate for energy ministers when they met in Kananaskis in July 2011. The Let’s Talk Energy blogs and articles served as a repository of information that was shared by Canadians with an interest in Canadian energy policy.