Authors: Marla Orenstein & Nayantara Sudhakar | October 2022

Methane Emissions and Canada’s Oil and Gas Sector: The start of a good news story

Over the past five years, methane emissions from the upstream oil and gas sector in Western Canada have decreased by around 44% – ahead of schedule and with further decreases projected by 2025.

This impressive outcome is the result of commitments set by provincial and federal governments along with a strong but achievable suite of regulations, buy-in from industry, and a collaborative focus and funding aimed at solving thorny technical challenges in methane detection, measurement and management.

Reductions achieved to date for fugitive methane emissions from oil and gas

This new report from our Natural Resources Centre takes a close look at federal and provincial numbers and reporting methodologies. We also show how Canada’s methane emissions intensity stacks up against figures from other oil and gas producing nations.

But the good news is only part of our report. Critically, we look at reasons why the country has made such great strides in reducing methane emissions and offer a few thoughts about moving into the future.

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