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After a rollercoaster APEC summit, where news on the Trans-Pacific Partnership felt at times more like a soap opera than trade talks, and a fifth round of NAFTA talks getting underway this week, Episode 002 of What the West? looks at the evolving Canada-U.S. trade relationship.

The Trump era’s winner takes all, America-First trade strategy is almost a return to the 1980s era – a time when the U.S. said “Jump,” and the rest of us said, “How high?”

Things are different now. Canada is on board with the revived TPP, China is a major factor, and with NAFTA talks becoming more precarious, there’s growing unease among business on both sides of the border.

So what’s the Trump Administration actually thinking on trade, and will it work?

Politico trade reporter Adam Behsudi brings the D.C. perspective as he joins host Sarah Pittman and Trade & Investment Centre director Carlo Dade on What the West?