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Carbon pricing. Most economists think it’s the best way to reduce climate-change causing emissions. But it hasn’t exactly won over politicians to the same degree. Or the public for that matter. In Canada, the federal government has said every province must set a price on carbon. But Saskatchewan has vowed to fight it until the end. Manitoba went ahead with a price, but only after trying to avoid it. In Alberta, the opposition party promises to repeal the carbon levy, if elected, on Day 1.

The political rhetoric surrounding carbon pricing is heated. That it will destroy the economy and do absolutely nothing for the environment.

Are these things true? Is pricing carbon really as bad as they say? On today’s episode, we’re unpacking the arguments against pricing carbon.

Nick Martin, policy analyst, Canada West Foundation

Blake Shaffer, phD candidate at the University of Calgary, fellow with the C.D. Howe Institute, former energy trader, and all around energy and climate policy expert. On Twitter: @bcshaffer

Colleen Collins, Vice-President, Canada West Foundation