Pipelines are controversial. In fact, it seems any type of infrastructure is controversial – especially in the energy world. From pipelines to wind turbines – nearly no one wants these things built near them and many people don’t want them built at all. At the same time, for many others these projects represent their livelihoods.

With the federal government set to announce reforms to the National Energy Board and the federal environmental assessment process, this episode will explore how institutions like the NEB juggle these competing interests. How do we decide to allow or reject big infrastructure projects? How do we balance the many impacts and benefits at both local, national, and global scales?

This week, we’re talking impact assessment. Nick Martin sits down with Marla Orenstein, the President of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA), who is also the new director of the Natural Resources Centre at the Foundation.

Host: Nick Martin, policy analyst, Canada West Foundation
Guest: Marla Orenstein, director, Natural Resources Centre, Canada West Foundation

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