The Confederation of Tomorrow surveys are annual studies conducted by an association of the country’s leading public policy and social research organizations: the Environics Institute for Survey Research, the Centre of Excellence on the Canadian Federation, the Canada West Foundation, the Centre D’Analyse Politique – Constitution et Fédéralisme, and the Brian Mulroney Institute of Government. The surveys give voice to Canadians about the major issues shaping the future of the federation and their political communities. The 2022 study consists of a survey of 5,461 adults, conducted online in the provinces between January 18 and February 10; and by telephone in the territories between January 6 and 30. For more information about the survey, contact .

This report was produced and published by Environics Institute | May 2022

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Executive Summary

Since 2019, the Confederation of Tomorrow surveys have asked Canadians about the most important problem facing the country. This year, the survey also asked about the most important problem facing one’s province or territory. Not surprisingly, at the start of 2022, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be seen as the country’s most important problem. Perceptions of the top issue, other than the pandemic, are distributed, across a number of items, including: the economy or unemployment; the cost of living or inflation; and poverty, inequality or affordable housing. The pandemic is also the issue that is most likely to be seen as the most important problem facing one’s province or territory. But several other concerns attract more attention in some regions than in others. Health care stands out as a greater concern in the Maritimes, Quebec and Manitoba. Affordable housing is among the top concerns in the North, as well as in B.C. and P.E.I. Albertans remain more troubled than other Canadians both with the state of the economy and with poor government leadership. At the time of the survey, in mid-January 2022, the perceived loss of freedom resulting from requirements to be vaccinated or to wear masks to contain the spread of COVID-19 was mentioned by only three percent of Canadians as the most important problem facing the country. But this figure was much higher among those who voted for the People’s Party of Canada in the 2021 federal election.

This report was produced by Environics Institute