Shovel worthy infrastructure for our economic future

“There is the infrastructure that Canadians want – like parks and rec facilities; the infrastructure Canadians need – like hospitals and green transit; and then there’s the infrastructure that enables and pays for wants and needs- that’s trade infrastructure.”

Canada is a trade-dependent country and the west is its most trade dependent region. As such, the ability to move traded goods is the true foundation of prosperity.

For the past eight years, the Canada West Foundation, with partners, has conducted research, analysis and advocacy that has moved from making the case for the importance of trade infrastructure (the systems and assets that move primarily goods but also people to and from foreign markets), to highlighting the problems with this infrastructure, to developing solutions to those problems. That work will continue as we and our partners (or like-minded organizations) push for adoption of solutions by all levels of government and political parties.

Below are research reports, submissions and discussions that Canada West Foundation has produced surrounding trade infrastructure in the past eight years leading up to this most recent report, From Shovel Ready to Shovel Worthy: The Path to a National Trade Infrastructure Plan for the Next Generation of Economic Growth.

Must read:

WHAT NOW? Policy Brief | The West wants in the Indo-Pacific
Carlo Dade and Sharon Zhengyang Sun
December 2022

REPORT | From Shovel Ready to Shovel Worthy: The Path to a National Trade Infrastructure Plan for the Next Generation of Economic Growth
John Law with Carlo Dade
May 2022

SUBMISSION | National Infrastructure Assessment
John Law and Carlo Dade
July 2021

WHAT NOW? Policy Brief | Building a Bridge to Trade Opportunities: A long-term approach to trade infrastructure planning
Carlo Dade and John Law
October 2019

SUMMARY | Strategic Trade Infrastructure Roundtable
Naomi Christensen, John Law and Carlo Dade
February 2017

REPORT | Some Assembly Required: Cross-border infrastructure that creates jobs and growth
Shafak Sajid and Carlo Dade
November 2016

REPORT | The Infrastructure that Matters Most
Canadian Chamber of Commerce,  John Law
July 2016

REPORT | Building on Advantage: Improving Canada’s trade infrastructure
John Law and Carlo Dade with Mike Holden
November 2014

REPORT | At the Intersection: The Case for Sustained and Strategic Public Infrastructure Investment
Mike Holden and Casey Vander Ploeg
February 2013