CALGARY, AB – Canada and the remaining members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement have reached a deal on a revised agreement without the United States. The Canada West Foundation has done extensive research on the TPP and Carlo Dade, Director of the Trade & Investment Centre, is available to comment on the deal and its significance for Canada, including:

• The agreement, rebranded the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), is a good deal for Canadian exporters, who stand to take market share from the U.S. in TPP markets.
• This sends a message to the Trump administration that Canada stands in favour of open, liberalized trade. Further, the CPTPP gives Canada one set of rules for 10 markets, something the U.S. cannot duplicate with bilateral deals.
• With the deal, Canada catches up to our competitors like Australia in key markets such as Japan in fast-growing Asia.
• The deal lessens Canada’s reliance on the U.S. for trade – and gives Canada and Mexico leverage in NAFTA talks.

“The road to the TPP hasn’t been easy and every trade agreement involves give and take. But the trade pact is overwhelmingly a good deal for Canadians at home, allows us to catch up to our competitors in Asia, and makes Canada less dependent on the U.S. overall for trade. By signing on, Canada shows it stands for win-win trade – a critical message amid the upheaval Trump has produced in the global trade economy.” – Carlo Dade

Canada West Foundation trade expert Carlo Dade, director of the Trade & Investment Centre, is available for interviews.


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