Future-fit Hydrocarbons: Same game, new rules

Canada West Foundation Webinar
Wednesday, August 17, 2022


Oil and gas will be needed for decades to come. At the same time, there is increasing pressure coming from investors, consumers, governments and others for a new paradigm of how they are produced.

“Future-fit hydrocarbons” capture the best of both worlds: building on the expertise and assets that characterize the sector today while creating a bridge to a low-carbon future.

The Canada West Foundation and Energy Futures Lab webinar explored future-fit hydrocarbons and the building blocks for success. Areas covered included:

  • What constitutes a future-fit hydrocarbon industry.
  • How might “future fitness” influence eligibility for financing from capital markets.
  • What building blocks Alberta can leverage for future success.
  • How Canada’s oil and gas sector can “win” in the energy transition.
  • How government policy can be used to help a future-fit hydrocarbon industry succeed.

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Kevin Krausert | CEO & Co-Founder | Avatar Innovations Inc.

Kevin has spent 20 years on the front lines of energy innovation. As CEO & Co-Founder of Avatar Innovations, he is helping build a new energy future through leadership, entrepreneurship, collaboration and capital. Kevin also serves on the steering committees of both the Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN) and the Energy Futures Lab (EFL).

Alicia Planincic | Economist & Manager of Policy | Business Council of Alberta

As an economist, Alicia understands that economics is not about money, it is about people and should therefore be centred on individuals and human behaviour. In her role with the Business Council of Alberta, Alicia leads BCA’s economic analysis and outlook work, and analyzes the Albertan and Canadian economy, public finances, labour markets, equity and social mobility and public policy.

John McNally | Program Director, Clean and Resilient Growth | Smart Prosperity Institute

Based in Toronto, John leads the Smart Prosperity Institute’s research program on clean regional economic development across Canada, which centres clean growth and climate action around the needs and challenges of Canadian individuals and communities. He and his team manage projects on place-based growth, economic clusters and skills and labour policies.

Moderated by Marla Orenstein | Director, Natural Resources Centre | Canada West Foundation