Rapid Employee Upskilling & Reskilling
An innovative approach to skills shortages

Janet Lane, Director, Human Capital Centre and Taylor Blaisdell, Policy Analyst, Canada West Foundation
November 2022
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There’s a shortage of skilled workers in Canada. A shrinking talent pool, lack of quality skills training programs, and youth reluctant to enter the skilled trades are some of the factors creating a shortfall with no end in sight.

Canada West Foundation proposes an innovative solution to help employers build the workforce they need now and in the future. Our latest What Now? brief, Rapid Employee Upskilling and Reskilling, provides principles upon which to build on-the-job skills training programs that meet the needs and interests of employers and job seekers.

Shifting attitudes

Employers have been reluctant to invest in training their employees because of a fear they would leave. But this attitude has started to shift as the wide-spread demand for workers has employers recognizing the need to invest in their own staff.

High probability of success – minimal lost production time

To be successful, training programs should meet the needs of both employers and employees. Steps to ensure successful outcomes include:

  • Working with curriculum developers to define the technical and non-technical competencies required for in-demand jobs,
  • Ensuring job seekers are a good fit for jobs, and
  • Employers playing an active role in delivering on-the-job training.

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