Resources, Environment and Economy

Pursuit of decarbonization objectives without addressing other environmental and economic impacts harms the competitiveness of Canada’s resource sector (including agriculture). We have what the world wants and we can produce it sustainably and economically if given the chance.

Policy Goal: Ensure timely and robust project approval and authorization processes at the federal and provincial levels.

Policy Goal: Ensure Western Canada’s electricity systems can meet future demand with energy that is reliable, affordable and with low emissions.

Policy Goal: Identify competitive opportunities and challenges at the intersection of resources, the economy and robust environmental regulation.

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“We develop practical solutions for difficult problems through innovation, collaboration and research.”

Marla Orenstein, Director, Resources, Environment and Economy


Climate Change

We feel it is important to be clear about our stance on climate change – one of the dominant issues our society grapples with today. Canada West Foundation firmly believes in the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to minimize the effects of climate change. We support the development of government policies—including carbon pricing and emissions regulations—to achieve this goal. At the same time, we recognize the complexity of both the problem and potential solutions and believe a range of policy and technology solutions is required.

We will continue to work hard to ensure that climate policies and regulations are robust, fair, well-designed and able to drive down emissions and maintain economic competitiveness across the West and the rest of Canada.

Resources, Environment and Economy

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Resources, Environment and Economy

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