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What matters for Western Canada matters for all of Canada.

Over the last few years, the Canada West Foundation has made a real difference on important issues that matter: regulations, market access, public perception, infrastructure, climate and energy policies; market access in Asia, North American trade competitiveness, trade infrastructure and trade policy; managing talent, improving workplace safety and putting more Canadians to work in better jobs that best suit their skills. And we know we have had impact. On key issues, decision-makers call us for our opinion – Premiers, federal and provincial Ministers and their staff, Senators, the media, Consuls General, and key industry leaders across all sectors. It is precisely because we are not lobbyists, but rather a non-partisan, evidence-based source of good policy recommendations, that we have the credibility to be listened to.

But we need YOUR help to do our work.

CWF relies on the support of our “family” – donors and corporate supporters like you who recognize the importance of independent, non-partisan public policy to provide evidence-based solutions. Your support will help us to continue our influential research, analysis and recommendations for the policies needed to further the economic and social prosperity of the West – and Canada as a whole.

Join a group of engaged organizations and people who believe that:

• A strong West in a strong Canada needs an independent, respected voice with a long-term view ;

• Sound public policy that relies on evidence-based research can make a difference;

• Engaged leadership from civil society, industry, academia and government leads to real change.

We help you. Now we need you to help us.

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The support you provide goes directly to the research, analysis, commentary and convening that builds strong public policy in the West.

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Join the group of distinguished supporters who enable our work as a donor-supported think tank. With you’re help, we’re building a strong West in a strong Canada.

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We want to hear from you to help us build better public policy in Canada. As a contributor to CWF, you will be recognized as part of a community that supports better public policy. Supporters are also invited to participate in events with other engaged leaders and thinkers.

We keep you up-to-date on key issues. And by funding our work that has impact on issues that matter to you – you become part of the solution.

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As a donor-supported think tank, we couldn’t achieve the impact that we do without our supporters

Transparency: Our pledge to our supporters

As a donor-supported non-profit, we believe that transparency is incredibly important; it’s at the heart of our credibility. We are at our best when we are funded by a variety of sources: governments, corporations, individuals, and foundations all play a role. We acknowledge our supporters as a matter of course, and are proud to do so.

Transparency is essential for think tanks because it is an important element of independence. Independent think tanks conduct research on only the important issues, and consider only the facts – not what special interests want. The Canada West Foundation’s independence to do our research with “no strings attached” is, quite simply, non-negotiable.  We do in-depth, evidence-based research and analysis and we work hard to be good at what we do. This gives us credibility. With credibility, we have impact.


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