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Join a distinguished group of engaged organizations and citizens who believe that:

  • A strong West within a strong Canada needs an independent, respected voice with a long-term view;
  • Sound public policy relies on evidence-based research; and,
  • Engaged leadership from civil society, industry, academia and government leads to real change.

If you share these beliefs, help us build better public policy in Canada.

Our supporters tell us that they contribute because they value the work of the Foundation and want it to continue. Supporters become part of an engaged public policy community. You may wish to support a specific project that needs additional funding, a specific activity such as roundtable convening or you may wish to support the range of our work.

As a donor-funded think tank, we couldn’t achieve the impact we do without our supporters.

Solutions that Matter

The Canada West Foundation’s research explores the big issues that affect the West and all of Canada. We do in-depth research and analysis. We bring people together to discuss the options, build trust and find solutions. We then take those ideas and recommendations to key decision-makers as well as to the public at large, where they inform the important policy debates of the day. Because we are non-partisan, objective, and good at what we do, we have credibility. We are respected, valued and our voice is sought-after. Because of all that, we have impact.

This year, our focus includes:

  • Navigating Canada’s trade future in North America
  • Making progress on trade with Asia
  • Working together in the West for smart electricity policy
  • Telling success stories of Indigenous resource partnerships
  • Using a competency approach to find new work for displaced oil and gas workers
  • Removing regulatory barriers to get from innovation to adoption in the energy sector

Value to contributors

Supporting the Canada West Foundation ensures you’re recognized as part of a community that supports better public policy. We value the exchange of ideas, and supporters are invited to participate in events with other engaged leaders and thinkers from diverse perspectives. You’re kept up-to-date on key issues through our reports, commentaries and our in-person, tailored “What Now?” briefings. But most importantly, by funding work that has impact on issues that matter to you, you become part of the solution.

The benefits of each category of supporter are listed below – join us!


Our work gets seen by the people who matter and it leads to better public policy. Here is why:

  • Our work has credibility: We are recognized as a truly non-partisan, independent, constructive, think tank.
  • We are evidence-based: We draw from broad networks in academia, industry, and NGOs. Our reports are reviewed by practitioners and peers to ensure both accuracy and relevance.
  • We find the common seams: We work with all governments and interest groups, regardless of political affiliation.
  • We understand what policy-makers need: We engage regularly with senior decision-makers in government in both the public service and political leadership.
  • We provide arm’s-length, third party validation: We test solutions and ask the questions others cannot.
  • We convene the right people: We bring together fresh perspectives to solve complex problems.
  • We inform public discussion: Our reports and commentaries are clear, concise and easy to understand. Leading regional and national media seek us out.
  • We are a voice for the West: We believe that what is good for the West is good for Canada.


Your name or organization’s name will be added to the list of distinguished organizations and individuals who support the Canada West Foundation as Friend, Member, Builder, Patron or Champion, based on the level of your contribution. You will be recognized at events hosted by the Foundation, on our website, in our annual reports and other printed and online material.

Making it happen


  • Recognition as a Champion of the Canada West Foundation
  • Advance copies of reports
  • Invitations to regional Foundation “Family Dinners”
  • Invitations to participate in roundtable discussions as projects are developed
  • Membership on all three CWF Centre Policy Councils


  • Recognition as a Patron of the Canada West Foundation
  • Advance copies of reports
  • Invitations to regional Foundation “Family Dinners”
  • Invitations to participate in roundtable discussions as projects are developed
  • Membership on one CWF Centre Policy Council of choice


  • Recognition as a Builder of the Canada West Foundation
  • Advance copies of reports
  • Invitations to regional Foundation “Family Dinners”


  • Recognition as a Member of the Canada West Foundation
  • Invitations to regional Foundation “Family Dinners”

Up to $5,000/year

  • Recognition as a Friend of the Canada West Foundation

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