Skills, Innovation and Productivity

The ability to develop the required workforce is a necessary competitive strength to keep our economy strong and attract talent as well as investment. Bridging the gap between people (students and workers), post-secondaries, employers and innovation is the key. A competency approach is that bridge.

Policy Goal: Develop Western Canada’s workforce with the competencies required to create economic growth through the adoption of innovations and improved productivity.

Policy Goal: Reduce friction in the labor market through the use of competency-based workforce development and employment systems that better match people with jobs and jobs with people.

Policy Goal: Attract and retain international talent through effective and efficient credential and competency recognition.

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“We advocate a competency-based approach to match people with jobs and jobs with people.”

Jeff Griffiths, Director, Skills, Innovation and Productivity

Manitoba Youth Attraction and Retention Project

The Canada West Foundation is excited to announce it has launched a project examining the issue of youth migration in Manitoba. This project builds on its successful Alberta Youth Talent Attraction and Retention project and will aid the Manitoba government in understanding reasons youth leave the province and recommend ways to retain and attract young people.

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Skills, Innovation and Productivity

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Skills, Innovation and Productivity

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