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2018 Annual Report

To do good public policy means to be FEARLESS

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Sometimes you have to push boundaries
for good public policy

When it’s done well – really well – it’s based on facts – all of them, not just the ones that might suit a particular narrative. It follows evidence, not emotion. There are solutions, but they’re often not the easiest choice.

For close to 50 years, we at the Canada West Foundation have made it our mission to produce influential, evidence-based, non-partisan research, analysis and recommendations to further the economic and social prosperity of the West – and Canada as a whole.

As always, in 2018, we didn’t shy away from tough topics: amending Canada’s flawed new impact assessment legislation for energy, mining and other projects; how to hold on to trade opportunities we already have in the U.S. – and how to take more from new markets in the Pacific Rim in a global trade environment rocked by change and uncertainty; the true cost of poor skills in Canada’s workforce and how doing better can boost economic competitiveness; a more efficient integrated western electricity grid; building effective Indigenous-natural resources industry relationships; a realistic approach to engage with China.

Canada’s Confederation is complicated, and it can be easier to focus on what divides us than what brings us together.

When it comes to good policy – and how to make meaningful change on the issues that matter to us in the West and as a country – we are fearless.

At the Canada West Foundation, we find common-ground solutions, and most people know and respect that about us. But not everyone agrees with everything we say, or recommend. We’re OK with that. We see it as a sign that if ever there was a time for our independent, evidence-driven work, it’s now.

Know that we are more grateful than ever for our supporters who allow us to do the work that we do and to remain fearless in the pursuit of good, independent public policy.

Our credibility – and therefore our impact – depends on it.

Oryssia Lennie, Chair of the Board

Martha Hall Findlay, President and CEO

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