2019 Annual Report

Welcome to the Future

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Policy solutions that work for the future
– whatever it looks like

In the chaos and uncertainty that engulfed much of 2020, one thing we know for sure is this: the world has changed. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated some past trends, and entirely changed the course of others. How we work and learn, how we trade and invest, and how we use and produce resources will all be affected. With immense pressure on individuals and businesses, we need to get policy right – for today and tomorrow.

Good public policy is what we do at the Canada West Foundation – policy that is purposeful, plainspoken and practical, that finds common ground and enhances the lives of Western Canadians and all Canadians.

In 2019, we tackled big issues that took centre stage for Western Canada: environmental and energy regulation (Bill C-69 impact assessment legislation and Bill C-48 tanker ban, and the Paris Accord in particular), energy innovation, global and interprovincial trade, the state of Canada’s federation, as well as the importance of building skills in an ever-changing and increasingly digital work environment. Our profile grew; we released 29 reports and policy briefs and our team did more than 250 media interviews across the West and all of Canada.

THANK YOU to our supporters who share the conviction that the West needs a respected voice that digs into critical issues in a substantial, credible, balanced way. Because you value our work, we are able to continue to develop good policy, and more importantly, work to see it implemented.

Our work in 2020 focuses on: performance in the oil sands and public trust at a time when much of the industry is fighting to survive; how to responsibly develop a diverse energy mix that includes hydrogen and nuclear; the future of work and learning, including how skills transfer between industries to help employers find workers and workers find jobs; improving digital skills in rural and remote areas; Canada’s changing relationship with its two largest trading partners – the United States and China – and its strategy to rediscover new markets; ways to encourage growth in the small agri-food sector in Western Canada; and much more.

All of us – individuals, families, communities and employers – face unprecedented challenges this year. In these unpredictable times, the Canada West Foundation is more committed than ever to improving the economic and social prosperity of the West and all of Canada.

Welcome to the future. We’re ready for it.

Raymond D. Crossley | Chair of the Board
Gary G. Mar | President & CEO


Read the full report (pdf)


Read the full report (pdf)


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