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Download | Episode 005: 8 for 2018

Welcome to 2018. The eggnog has gone stale, the trees have been composted or burned for warmth. And our thoughts can now turn to the future. Will this year be as tumultuous as 2017? Will North American trade cease? Does anyone really care about the Commonwealth games? Will Canada go see its tailor? Our research team has the answers to these questions and more in our look at the year ahead.

Join this week’s host Jahangir Valiani as he looks at our 8 for 2018:

1) Artificial intelligence and big data – Colleen Collins, Vice-President
2) Legalizing marijuana, pot politics and the impact in the workplace – Janet Lane, Director, Human Capital Centre
3) Canada’s trade agenda: NAFTA, Asia-Pacific and where our trade relationship with China stands – Carlo Dade, Director, Trade & Investment Centre
4) Calgary’s potential 2026 Winter Olympics bid – Sarah Pittman, policy analyst
5) Putting on our Canada pants: Showing national leadership – Martha Hall Findlay, President and CEO
6) U.S. midterm elections – Nick Martin, policy analyst
7) Competencies’ big moment – Janet Lane, Director, Human Capital Centre
8) Canada’s new food policy – Sarah Pittman, policy analyst