Today, the Canada West Foundation released Sprouted: The plant ingredient opportunity taking root on the Prairies.

In this video, report co-author Sarah Pittman, Canada West Foundation policy analyst, discusses why the Prairies are well-placed to pursue this opportunity and reap the economic benefits.

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Around the world, a growing middle class with more money to spend on food has an appetite for more and better options. Consumers in North America and Europe want green and sustainable food choices. Demand for protein, particularly plant-based protein, and other plant-based ingredients, is sky-rocketing. In addition to food and drinks, plant-based ingredients are sought after for use in nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, pet food, animal feed and bio-based plastics. They’re also incredibly high in value. The demand for plant-based protein alone is already valued at more than US$8 billion.

Today, the Canada West Foundation released Sprouted: The plant ingredient opportunity taking root on the Prairies.

Plant ingredient processing presents the type of opportunity that only comes once in a generation. Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta already grow large volumes of relevant crops (like lentils, peas and beans), house plant-science and ingredient research and development, have good transportation and logistics infrastructure and enjoy the benefits of preferential access to the U.S. market. Without industry and government making this a priority, the potential of the plant-based ingredient opportunity will be lost. The report recommends concrete steps Ottawa, the provinces and the industry can take to realize this opportunity so the Prairies can dominate the non-soy plant ingredient industry.