The Canada West Foundation is honouring two major gifts of $100,000. The first is from the estate of the late Mrs. Joan Hudson and her husband, Donald, both long-time supporters of CWF. Her significant bequest marks their lifetime commitment to a better Canada.

The late Joan Hudson, and her husband, Donald.

CWF would also like to recognize the ongoing major contributions from the Brawn Family Foundation.

“Through their policy work, the Canada West Foundation helps build a stronger West within a strong Canada. The Brawn Family Foundation is proud to continue our support of the Canada West Foundation – improving the lives and livelihoods of those in our communities.”

— Sheryl Whyte; President, Brawn Family Foundation

For over 50 years the Canada West Foundation has built a solid reputation as a trusted voice to help policy decision makers understand the unique issues that impact western Canadians.

Core to our work is thoughtful research on issues that matter most. We provide solutions that are practical, balanced and address the unique concerns of the western provinces within a broad Canadian and global context. Our work makes a difference – policy makers listen.

We understand there are many initiatives to support, and as the end of 2023 approaches, we invite you to consider a financial gift to the Canada West Foundation. Like the Brawns and the Hudsons, your support of CWF is a measure of trust not only in our work, but also our goal of a strong West in a strong Canada.

At a time when the world seems more divided than ever, your commitment to the Canada West Foundation is an investment in a better Canada today and long into the future. If you have already donated this year, thank you very much for your contribution – and as you review your giving budget at the end of the year, please consider CWF again or for the first time.

The Canada West Foundation has launched a campaign to create a “Sustainers Circle” of 100 individuals who commit to $10,000 for at least 3 years. If this if of interest to you, please read this invitation.

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