The New Alberta Talent Advantage
Not just a place, an experience

Janet Lane, Canada West Foundation, David Finch, Mount Royal University and Jackie McAtee, ATB Financial
July 2022
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For decades, the Alberta Advantage has been based on low tax rates and higher than average incomes fueled, in large part, by the lucrative oil and gas sector. This advantage helped to draw large numbers of youth to work in the province and kept Alberta youth here.

While youth are still making career decisions based on economics, today social and environmental factors are also key considerations.

Youth want to see and experience Alberta as a place that’s vibrant, rich with experience and accepting of diversity in all its forms. Part of this shift will require businesses and other organizations to work together to present experiences that are holistic and citizen-centric rather than simply stand-alone transactions.

Alberta’s future prosperity will be defined by its capacity to attract, retain and develop talent. In this What now? brief we propose a five-pronged strategy designed to create an updated Alberta Talent Advantage that attracts and retains youth for a strong, resilient future.